I cannot wait to find out my secret rewards from Victoria’s Secret

I have the four secret reward cards from Victoria’s Secret. I got these when I ordered my swimsuits with coupon codes that I used. I cannot wait to find out how much is my secret reward cards, I guarantee I have $10 each from the secret reward cards.

 photo victorias secret secret rewards_zps0cgoioyx.jpg

I had $50 and $100 secret rewards last year. I would be delighted if I have a $500 worth of products to buy I can dream, right? I love Victoria’s Secret products especially the intimates. I also received free coupons from them too.

My pink secret reward cards are perfect to join Pink Fridays. How about you? Do you like to shop at Victoria’s Secret?


My summer babe’s reconciliation outfit for the church

We are all very excited for our summer babe’s reconciliation at the church in a couple of weeks. I attended the retreat with her as one of the church requirements. I cannot wait to see her doing her reconciliation with some of the kids from church.

 photo reconciliation outfit A_zps9hxgy84x.jpg

I bought her a white sleeveless dress. I also found a long sleeve top to cover. I think it is still chilly during March. I also bought her a headband and tights to cover her legs. I cannot wait to see her wear her reconciliation outfit. I am sure that she will look beautiful. I also bought a shoes that go with her outfit.

 photo reconciliation outfit_zpsxsgi8sct.jpg

My summer babe is growing up so fast. I am so glad that we get to see her on this very special day. I think church is different today. My son never experience having a reconciliation but he went to confession right away.

Little Known Facts about Common T-shirts

There are a few iconic t-shirts that people have worn for years and continue to. Though they may be presented in different styles and patterns, the saying or symbol remains the same. Many will happily wear these t-shirts but do not know the history behind them. Below are a few little known facts about some of the most common t-shirt designs.

 The “Keep Calm and Carry On” phrase has seen a large serge in t-shirts as well as on other items and even social media posts. This saying was initially printed upon posters by the British government during World War II after King George VI stated it in an inspirational speech. Another inspirational quote was derived from not-so inspirational circumstances. The Nike slogan, “Just Do It,” though popularized by the iconic Michael Jordan, was actually derived from the last words of Gary Gilmore, a convict who was executed by a firing squad. Some might also be shocked to learn that the peace sign, now known as a universal sign of harmony was actually derived by a Roman emperor as an “Anti-Christian” symbol.

 These are just a taste of the unique backgrounds associated with some of the most iconic t-shirts that are commonly circulated. To learn more interesting facts about the aforementioned phrases and symbols, as well as other well known ones, check out the infographic below.

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