Precious Stone Removal: It’s More than a Pair of Pliers

Precious stones and minerals often make up the bulk of the value placed on a piece of jewelry. Of course the gold or silver setting may have a monetary value, but it pales in comparison to a three carat diamond that may be installed within a ring or necklace. Removing these stones from defunct settings or ruined jewelry may require knowledge, expertise, a steady hand and the right tools for the job. After all, ripping one of these stones free from a setting using a pair of pliers may ultimately damage it while vastly decreasing the value.

Jewelry is more than just glittering fancy objects to be worn during special occasions. Many owners view it as an investment as well. The slightest imperfection on a stone could decrease its value exponentially depending on its type. As imperfect stones are less sought after, even large and well shaped pieces of stones could be worth less than one dollar per carat. Attempting to remove stones yourself without proper training or tools could ruin your investment.

While you may believe you’re saving money by performing a Do-It-Yourself project while removing precious stones from jewelry settings, you may in fact be decimating the perfection and value of the jewelry. The slightest scratch, divot, or microscopic fracture could render the value of the most expensive of stones to that of costume jewelry. Don’t subject an expensive ring or necklace to a pair of pliers from the trunk of your car and call a specialist in order to learn more about stone and mineral removal procedures.

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My new Victoria’s Secret coupons for the month of September

I received these Victoria’s Secret coupons for the month of September last week. I cannot wait to receive them. I only use two coupons.


My new Victoria's Secret coupons for the month of September

My new Victoria’s Secret coupons for the month of September

I will use the free LACIE THONG obviously. I will use also the $10 off a bra. These coupons will expire until the 29th of this month. One coupon that is good from the 4th to 7th is am not going to use. It is for a free GLITTER TOTE if your purchase is total to $75. I do not think I will buy that total.

How about you? What is your Victoria’s Secret coupon this month?

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Thank you Sheer Cover Studio for these beautiful sets of cosmetics

I admit at 40, I am still clueless on how to apply make-up . Honestly I prefer natural look on my face. I also have sensitive skin that scares me to apply any make up. There are times I apply lipstick and lip gloss if I go to church or attend parties.

 photo sheercoverB_zpsd48eda69.jpg

I am privilege and thankful that Modern Mom sent me a set of Sheer Cover Studio. The beautiful Miss Brooke Bruke is their famous model. It also comes with a free gift aside from the cosmetic sets. It also comes with a guide which helps me on how to apply the make-up properly. I am very thankful to the guide.

 photo sheercoverC_zps91bb05a5.jpg

My package includes Base Perfector Primer, Perfect shade Mineral Foundation, Conceal and Brighten Trio, Sun-Kissed Bronzing Minerals, brush aside from three sets of brushes too, Lengthening Mascara Black and Lash Extending Fibers. I am tan but they available for any skin complexion. Do you know what is amazing about Sheer Cover Studio? They cover your flaws and makes you beautiful. I also love that there cosmetic products does not make my face itchy. I really loved my new cosmetics. I cannot wait to use it more often and learn more on how to apply make-up. I highly recommend this product to everybody especially to simple woman like me.


 photo sheercover_zpscbee3457.jpg

about you? What kind of cosmetic product you used? Have you try the Sheer Cover Studio? Today is your last chance as they are giving one lucky woman to win a year of supply of Sheer Cover Studio. You can enter this giveaway here.

 photo sheercoverA_zps541de763.jpg

By the way, you can also follow Modern Mom in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and check their You Tube videos as well.

I received the cosmetics free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different with other people.

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