I bought a Pink new reading eyeglasses

I could not find my old black reading eyeglasses. I know I put it somewhere. I went to Wal-Mart and bought myself a new pair.

I bought a pink new reading eyeglasses

I bought a pink new reading eyeglasses

This time I bought pink. My first reading eyeglasses is black. Ironically, it is the same style and color with my husband which drives him crazy when he accidentally grab mine.

The reading eyeglasses cost almost $6 which I think is not bad.

I love the case too.

I love the case too.

It also comes with a protective case to keep your eyeglasses safe.

Of course, my summer babe wants to wear it too. I told her that I will by her a fashion eyeglasses next time I went to the mall.

My summer babe looks so grown up with her Mommy's new reading eyeglasses.

My summer babe looks so grown up with her Mommy’s new reading eyeglasses.

She likes to wear eyeglasses for some reason. I told her I was 41 when I am started wearing reading eyeglasses. I do not want you to ruin your eyes at nine years old. She only wear my reading eyeglasses for few seconds.

Making Repairs and Upgrades Easier with Brand Specific Components

Many people who own golf carts find that these vehicles are relatively easy to fix and maintain. The trickiest part of their upkeep involves finding brand specific parts that will work for the repair or upgrade task. When you want to keep your cart in the best condition possible, you may find this task easier when you shop online for components like EZ Go parts and accessories. You can avoid the worry that your local parts dealers do not have what you need and instead choose the items required for the job online.
 photo logo_zpsjn5aif2j.png

As you browse the website, you will find parts that are labeled by brand. If you have a loyalty to a certain brand over others, you can narrow your search using the links on the side of the page. You can also filter your search by what kind of components you need to fix your cart. The site has a wide array of items for sale, such as pistons, filters, batteries, and more. You can work on the engine or repair external parts by shopping for the needed items online.

Because you might have a limited budget with which to work, you can also make your shopping easier by signing up for coupons online. The coupon tab at the top of the page allows you to take advantage of discounts on items as they come available. You can also find inventory that is on sale or being clearanced out on the website. All of these savings allow you to get new parts for your cart without having to spend a lot of money.

If you plan on being a repeat shopper on the website, you can create an account and store your shopping preferences, payment methods, and other information on your account. Whenever you log onto the site to shop, all of your preferences will be saved, making your shopping easier. You can also sign up for emails and specials by putting in your email address in the appropriate field. If you have questions or concerns, the company makes available a contact tab for you to use. A copy of the privacy policy is also available to shoppers online. Keeping your cart in good repair is easy when you shop on the website. You can find parts that are made for all kinds of carts and are brand specific.

Redeemed my Victoria’s Secret coupons

I have the four Victoria’s Secret coupons with me that will expire in few weeks. I want to redeem and grab the freebies. I have two $10 off for bras, two coupons for free undies. Unfortunately, one coupon is only available if you buy online. I end up using three coupons instead.

 photo victorias secret_zpsjkolw7n3.jpg

The store also has a promo that week. You get the free hat and scarf set valued at $75 free if you buy two bras which I plan to do. I bought two bras each cost $39.95 but and use the two $10 off with me. I end up paying $29.95 each for bra. I also got the free undies. I also got a free reward cards if you use your credit card exclusively from that store. I do not used my credit card for a while but using it since last month. I have $50 credit last month which is already paid by my husband who also loves my goodies from Victoria’s Secret.

I love the Victoria’s Secret store. It is my greatest guilty pleasure. There are many stuff to buy. I only like their intimates. I like the lace bra the most. I also found an underwear that coördinates the color of the bra. Overall, I am happy with my purchases.

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