Aquation the perfect skin care products to keep your skin and face smooth

Summer is the best time to keep our skin and face moisturized and stay hydrated. The rays of the sun is very dangerous. It hurts our skin so bad. We need products like Aquation. It is the perfect skin products to keep your skin and face smooth.

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Having a very sensitive skin is not easy. I am so picky with what products to apply on my body. I am so thankful that when I tried the DAILY MOISTURIZING LOTION, GENTLE MOISTURIZING CLEANSER and MOISTURIZING CREAM. These three products are all powered by hydro balance.

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I LOVED the lotion. Even my daughter tried it on her skin. She also loved the lotion as well. These products do not have odor which I really LOVE as I am allergic to fragrance. The lotion is not creamy. You can apply as much as you want. It really up to you. I LOVED that it instantly hydrates your skin.

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The cleanser is easy to use as well. All you have to wash your face with lukewarm water. Gently massage cleanser into skin(face and neck I used it). You can rinse and pat dry with a towel. The cleanser washes away dirt, oil and make-up. It gently cleanses without stripping. It does not irritate my sensitive skin. It hydrates and softens.

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The moisturizing cream is perfect after using the cleanser. It instantly relieves dryness. It softens your skin. It soothes dry skin itch and imitation. It is also easy to use. You can apply as much amount you want on your face and skin.

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Overall, I am pleased with Aquation products. I highly recommend this to everybody. These products are perfect for any skin types. By the way you can buy Aquation exclusively in Wal-Mart. You can also print this coupon to save you money to buy the products.

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For more information about these amazing products, check out their Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram and Pinterest.


I received the products from Brandbacker in exchange of my honest reviews.

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Oils To Uplift The Mind And Body

If you’ve ever walked into a home and smelled a soothing fragrance, then you might have been smelling essential oils. There are several uplifting essential oils that can soothe the mind and raise the spirits simply by smelling them. Some oils work better than others, so it’s good to know what to look for when selecting a scent.

 photo hydrolateorangeblossom_1_zpsowzzvwgn.jpg

Peppermint is often one of the stronger scents, but it’s also one of the most calming. You can use the oil in the bathroom while taking a bath to relax the mind after a long day, or you can let the oil waft through the home in the winter as a way to offer a scent for the holiday season.

Lemon is a fragrance that can be combined with other scents to give a refreshing smell while still uplifting the mood. If you’re looking for the ideal combination, then consider blending lavender with lemon. You only need a small amount in an oil burner or a spray bottle to give the desired effects.

Lavender alone can often help in relaxing the mind so that you get a good night’s sleep. You might see lotions and bath products for babies that have lavender in them. They help to calm the baby at night before bed to promote better sleep. If you’re frustrated, then try orange oil. It helps to ease stress while putting the mind at ease, which is something that you might want to try if you work in a stressful job environment or if there are issues that you are dealing with at home.

One of the oils that has a strong scent is spearmint. However, it’s one of the best oils to use if you want to be quickly uplifted during the day. It helps to put the emotions into a better state while giving a boost of energy. This is an oil that can be used by those who play sports or who are active as the scent can give a boost of energy. Rose is a sweet fragrance that is very calming. This is a scent that is sometimes used by women who suffer from PMS on a regular basis as it can help to calm the nerves and balance the hormones.

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