Applying make-up is easy with Ecstasy by Paula Dorf

Being a woman is hard sometimes especially when you are attending a party or meeting a friend. You have to make sure that you look beautiful. One thing to make our self beautiful is by wearing make-up. There are many brands to choose from. There are many beauty products to buy too.

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I admit at 41 years old, am not a fan of wearing make up. I always have a bare face ad natural beauty within me. I still learning how to apply make-up properly. I love to wear a lip stick and a lip gloss.

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I am happy that Paula Dorf sent me this 3n1 lipstick, cheek and eyes. The lip stick is called Ecstasy. I got the one in pink. I usually wear a dark color lip stick. I love the Ecstasy. It is easy to apply on. I used it on my lips, cheeks and eyes.

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I really loved the Ecstasy from Paula Dorf. It is very easy to apply. This 3n1 will save you money. I highly recommend it to everybody who loves to wear make-up. Aside from this 3n1 make-up there are more beauty products to choose from lips, eyes, face and nails.

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With each readers purchase, they will receive the gift of our mini No Color Glimmer, a gorgeously soft, lightweight powder to complete your look! The perfect accent to Ecstasy.

Paula Dorf is giving away a makeup kit full of some of our favorite products! Have your readers can enter for a chance to win this Paula Dorf makeup kit ($125 value) here:

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i received the lip stick from BrandBacker. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.


Bought a new Victoria’s Secret purse

I love the small kind of purse. I do not like the big purse. A small purse is perfect for my wallet, cell phone and camera inside. My old Tommy Hilfiger green purse needs a new replacement.

 photo s-l140_zpsee6eb625.jpg

I was searching purses on Ebay. I found this black purse. It is from Victoria’s Secret which is my favorite brand. I bought it that day. The total cost is $5.70 which includes shipping.

I cannot wait to receive it. I really needed this new purse before my movie date with my hubby on the 12th of February. I am sure that before our date, this purse will arrive.

How about you? Do you prefer small or big purses?

The Unknown Facts About Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that nobody likes the thought of, particularly because there is a lot that is assumed about the condition rather than actually known. There are a variety of triggers for hair loss, including hormone changes and hereditary but, whatever the initial cause, hair loss is a result of the failing follicles that produce the hair. Certain women will produce larger amounts of Dihydrotestoterone (DHT) which can build up around their hair follicles and, over time, will eventually kill that follicle. Below are some other unknown facts about hair loss.

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You Can Fix It

Hair loss does not have to be the be all and end all; there are actually many affordable solutions around that can treat hair loss. Unfortunately, many people are under the impression that hair replacement therapies are not a legitimate solution. In response to this, companies such as Transitions Hair are doing everything they can to provide the best quality treatments for hair loss for women, as well as men, offering solutions that include transplants, thickening products, and laser therapy.

Shampooing Is Not a Cause

A common myth about hair loss in women is that they have used too much shampoo and washed their hair too often. Shampooing does not cause hair loss. The hair coming out in the shower is the standard amount you are meant to lose each day. Not shampooing will only mean the daily hair you’re meant to lose will build up, and will all be washed away the next time you shampoo – making it appear as though you’re losing more hair.

It’s Common

When you think of going bald, your immediate thoughts turn to men, as most people see it as a rare occurrence in women. So if you are a woman experiencing hair loss, you might be feeling like you’re the only one – but you’re not! Hair loss in women is actually extremely common. Women just tend to be better at styling their hair around it than men. It is estimated that up to 40% of women will experience gradual hair thinning or loss at some point in their lives.

It Won’t Be Chunky

Many people are under the impression that, when you start to lose your hair, you will simply be losing larger amounts each day than the average person. Your hair should not be coming out in chunks. How hair loss works is that, instead of losing large amounts daily, your follicles are actually producing thinner strands of hair until eventually individual follicles will stop producing hair at all. This is why when experiencing pattern baldness your overall hair will first take on a thin appearance before patches start to become apparent.

Hair loss can be a scary process, and when you’re feeling overwhelmed by something, you will worry about facts and myths that you actually don’t need to worry about at all. When going through a physical and emotional change like this, make sure you talk to a professional who can walk you through what is happening to your body and help you to move forward.

What are some of the biggest myths you have discovered about hair loss? Leave your answers in the space below.

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