Just renewed this blog

My fashion and beauty blog will expired on the 31st of this month if I do not renewed it. I love this blog and I will miss her if I do not renew this blog. It cost $13.07 to renew after all the fees but also donated 83 cents to make it even to $14 for my charity of my choice through GoDaddy. Simply Jess is settled for another year.

How about you? Where do you buy your website?

LotFancy Men’s Aviator is your affordable mens sunglasses

It is scorching warm for sure this summer. I think this year is the warmest summer we have here in Western New York. We have to enjoy the sun as it will not last before winter is here.

 photo sungalasses_zpsc8nq1g2q.jpg

We need to protect our eyes especially from the sunrays. It does not matter what you are doing if you are outside. It could be driving, swimming or just enjoy the sun.

 photo sungalasses B_zpsmzet6vwp.jpg

My daughter loves this sunglasses those this sunglasses is for men. You can buy the sunglasses exclusively in Amazon. It cost 16.99. It comes with a carrying case. This LotFancy Men’s Aviator glasses is so affordable. The best part is, it also has 400 UV protection. I got mine in silver color. My husband also tried this sunglasses. He looks so cool.

 photo sunglasses C_zpsekgjnm1l.jpg

If you are looking for sunglasses, I highly recommend to get one for yourself.


I received the sunglasses in exchange of my honest review.

How to perfect your practice with drums

My Summer Babe and I saw a concert few weeks ago. We had an amazing time together as mother and daughter bonding. We both loved music. Watching both our favorite singers live is a moment we treasured. We have not watched the performers practiced before the show. I am sure that one of the drummers uses this cobra clutch to perfect their performance before the live show.

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