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My Summer Babe’s first Ivory Ella clothing

My Summer Babe is been bugging me to get a clothing from Ivory Ella. I wish that I can afford their clothing. The best part of this company when you purchased is, a portion will be donated to help elephants. It is a great cause for a beautiful and big animals.

 photo Ivory Ella B_zps5pn3wfmy.jpg
I told my Summer Babe that if she gets good grades and I might buy her one. She never stop to amazes me. She showed me her grades and they were high. I ordered her one clothing. I am so glad that they are having on sale. It is the only way that I can afford it.

My Summer Babe was so happy when the item came in the mail. She ordered a sweatshirt. The clothing feels so smooth. It is worth every penny and best of all she helped the elephants.

Enjoying a Stylishly Simplified Family Vacation

The annual family vacation is something we dream about all year long. We spend several months saving for it as well as many hours planning every detail. Unfortunately, it can become stressful once you begin to pack. The following tips will help you stay organized during the entire holiday.

 photo steaming1_zpszlwipu9v.jpg
Most people will pack all of their clothes for an entire vacation into one bag. All of the children’s toys will go into another, and food and snacks are all lumped together. This is fine, but you may find that after the first day, your bags will be turned upside down and all the organization will have flown out the window.

Try a different approach. Rather than using each bag for specific items, try using a separate bag for each day of the week. For example, label one bag for the entire family as “night one.” Fill this bag with only the clothes needed the first night and the next morning. Before leaving the hotel the following day, use the empty bag for all of the dirty clothes. This tote can now be left in the car for the rest of the trip untouched. Continue in this manner for each day of travel.

Use separate bags for once you arrive at your destination. Since you will probably be staying for several days, you may want to have a separate bag packed for each member of the family. Pack food and snacks in the same manner. Use smaller bags for travel days and one large bag for your destination. Skip the plastic grocery bags and use stylish totes instead. The better you look, the better you’ll feel.

If you’re traveling with small children, toys are a must. Give each child their own backpack to fill. Help them pick a few things to keep them busy as well as items that will bring comfort in a strange place such as a well-loved stuffed animal. Make it fun for them by putting their names on their bags. If you’re looking for businesses that will do embroidery Jacksonville FL has many or you can look online at Creative Images Embroidery.

By following these simple tips you can enjoy a stress free vacation with your family. A little pre-planning and organization will help you keep your sanity and allow you to focus your attention on your loved ones.

Bombshell perfume, lotion, tote and bikini bag from Victorias Secret

I admit I loved Victoria’s Secret products especially their bras and panties. I also loved when I received coupons in the mail. It is an advantage when you are a Angel cardholder.

 photo Victorias Secret_zpsapscxcch.jpg
Last month, a blogger and Facebook friend shared the coupons on her Facebook page. I really loved how sharing she is to her fellow Angel. I am so thankful for her.

She sent me two coupons to play to get the free Bombshell Summer Lotion which cost $25 each but you get the lotion free when you order the Bombshell Summer Perfume which cost $52. I also grabbed the Ombr Tote and the bikini bag for free. In total I purchased $52 for the Bombshell perfume and get three free items.

I also have the $20 gift card and used to pay for the $52. It comes with $43.20 the final total purchased after tax plus shipping. Overall, I am very satisfied with my latest Victoria’s Secret purchased. I also received another $20 gift card for my next purchased.

Though I am allergic to perfume, I know that my niece in the Philippines will love the perfume and lotion. I cannot wait to see here very soon.

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