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How to keep your family safe during emergency

Natural disasters and emergencies can occur when they’re least expected and can cause a significant amount of damage. Many people are prone to becoming injured in natural disasters and may not have what they need on hand. For those who want to prepare for the worst, there are a few ways to prepare for the emergency.

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Create a Disaster Supply Kit

There a number of supplies that you’ll need in a natural disaster, which includes water, food, and medical supplies. Stock up on the items and rotate them out each year when they become expired. You should have enough supplies to live off of for 72 hours before getting help from relief workers. Each person in your family will need one to two gallons of water each day. To prepare the food, it’s important to purchase a propane unit and cooking utensils.

Flashlights, a radio, extra batteries, and blankets are also essential to have on hand until you have access to more resources.

Receive Training

You can take CPR or first aid courses to become educated on how to assist those who are in need of medical attention in a natural disaster. You can also enroll in hazmat school, which will allow you to learn state-of-the-art medical skills while treating those who have become poisoned. You’ll also learn sanitary practices and how to protect yourself.

Set Aside Cash

It can be difficult to have money at your disposal in the event of a natural disaster due to ATMs that may be malfunctioning or banks that are not open. Get cash in small denominations if a store or establishment can’t break the cash. Have at least $100 available and store it in a place that is easy to access.

Determine Where You’ll Stay

If your home or local area is destroyed, it’s important to know where you can live temporarily. Look at local hotels that welcome pets to ensure that you can bring your dogs or cats along. You may also need to find a friend or family member’s home to stay at in an area that is in another city. Those who do not own pets can consider staying at a local Red Cross shelter.

Although you may not know when the next natural disaster will occur, there are several ways to ensure that you’re prepared. You can have a smoother time getting through the emergency while having the resources that you need available until the situation improves.

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